Second Inflation
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Well, here we are inflating the balloon again. And of course, it is overcast again. Oh well.

As you can see in the above picture, I'm installing the burner out-of-order. I spent so much time untangling the balloon and retying parachute top lines, I never got around to setting up the burner. Really, it is better to get the burner up before tipping the basket.

Now we are getting air into the balloon. I spent a lot of time making sure everything was ok. My uncle spotted a one inch tear along gore 2 that I'll have to patch later.

Finally it is time to put some heat into the balloon! Since I wasn't flying, I didn't bother heating the tanks first. So the pressure in the burner was lower than I would have liked. With no scoop to stop the wind, it was a bit bothersome.

And here I finally have the balloon standing up. As you can see, one side is caved in a bit as we are still on the way up. I did have pictures taken of it after this, but as of this writing I haven't gotten them developed yet.