Finishing The Gores
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Here is a picture of me sewing the red onto the purple.

One of problem with documenting hot air balloon construction for the FAA is so much of it is sewing. All these sewing shots look the same. Think if I had a monochromatic balloon! At least here I can take pictures of different colors.

This an out of focus picture of my wife helping my cut some of the last panels of the balloon. The cat is helping as always. Note in the background the individual gores are really filling out the bags they are stored in.

37.jpg (14855 bytes)

Here is me cutting the fabric.

36.jpg (11543 bytes)

And here I am marking some of the last horizontal seams I will have to make. Note that I have rearranged the tables to prepare for sewing the vertical gore seams.

35.jpg (26901 bytes)