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Originally this project was to be all my doing. My wife was afraid she would be drafted into doing the sewing. Later, I found out about the time savings if I have an extra person to help cut panels. Val helped out when I cut panels. By myself, it took me 20 minutes to cut a panel. With Val, I could cut 12 panels in less than an hour! The time savings come from not having to run around this massive table to align the fabric. Below is a picture of her measuring.

This is a picture of Val getting ready to double the fabric back over on itself, so I can cut both ends at once. I did all of the cutting so I would only have myself to blame if I ruined a panel.

Here I am sewing panels together:

More sewing:

I stored each of the gores in its own plastic bag. Below are the twelve gores in their bags. Don't buy cheap plastic bags, these barely made it through.