Govenrment Paperwork
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Letter For N Number
N Number Registration
Registration letter
Supplimental Data Letter
Eligibility Statement
Airworthiness Application
Airman Certificate

This section contains copies of the paperwork the FAA requires for an experimental homebuilt.

The first step to do, is call the local FAA office and request their free packet that contains everything you need to know to do the FAA paperwork. Now, while it might be everything you need to know, it is not always the easiest to understand! At least with my FAA office, the guys and gals there are great at answering questions.

The next step I took, was to get an N number about three months before the completion of the balloon.

When I was ready for inspection, I got together a folder with all my documentation (including a print-off of this site) and dropped it by the FSDO.