More sewing gores
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These pictures are in black and white because I was doing my own developing for some of my daughter's pictures. Therefore the documentary photos I took are using the film that happened to be in the camera at the time. Balloon photos are not nearly as interesting in black and white!

This is a picture just after I finished doing a load tape. You can see that the balloon fabric is starting to pile higher and higher.

52.jpg (10059 bytes)

Here I am sewing on the horizontal load tape. I 'feel' where the middle of the flat fell seam is and sew into the middle of that. I once tried doing it from the other side but that didn't work well at all.

53.jpg (7054 bytes)

Here is a picture of at the top of gore 10. I highly recommend putting nice big legible numbers at the top and bottom of your gores.

54.jpg (9801 bytes)